norway-2068846_1920The Brevet is the monthly newsletter of the Synnøve-Nordkap lodge of the Sons of Norway. Each month it contains information about upcoming lodge meetings & events, finance & benefits through the Sons of Norway, Scandinavian culture, and lodge announcements.

November 2019 Brevet

Once again, this month you will see that the lodge newsletter reflects our active and vibrant member community! Come to our November lodge meeting on Tuesday, November 12th and listen to Tegan Godfrey discuss the 99th Infantry Battalion, an elite unit of Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans who fought to liberate Norway during WWII. You can find out more about the 99th on the front page of the Brevet. On page 2, Lodge President Chuck Draheim provides a wrap-up of the Torsk & Meatball Dinner/Silent Auction fundraiser and an update about lodge membership goals. Food, fellowship, and fun are in full color on page 4 in photos from the Torsk & Meatball Dinner. Page 7 updates lodge members about the activities of the Junior Lodge and Peer Gynt Dancers, along with words of thanks from Junior Lodge scholarship recipients. These thank-you notes give insight into how our lodge fundraising efforts are spent and enjoyed! Read about the Norse settlement of Greenland in this month’s cultural article, “Gunbjørn’s Rock”. And, as always, the meeting minutes, “Bulletin Board”, and calendar give you a heads-up about exciting lodge activities, groups, and meetings.
Please also take a moment to peruse notices on pages 2 and 6 to see how your participation could benefit all our members by volunteering your time as lodge secretary or as a co-chair for the biggest lodge fundraiser of the year, the Festival of Nations Norway Café. You, our members, are the heart of Synnøve-Nordkap! Filling these positions is critical for the continued success and growth of our lodge. Please consider reaching out to lodge leadership if you would like more information about how you could lend a hand. Contact President Chuck Draheim ( ) or Nominating Committee Chairperson Ron Stow (

October 2019 Brevet

The Synnøve-Nordkap Lodge is bustling this October, and you can find out about all of the goings-on in this month’s issue of the SynNor Brevet. On page 1, you can read a bit about the guest speaker for our October 8th lodge meeting Ethan Bjelland, who will discuss life in Modern Norway. On page 7, you will find news from the Sons of Norway District 1 as well as how the phrase, “If it is to be, it is up to me,” can serve our lodge. There is an invitation, also on page 7, from our lodge Sports Director Jacqueline Carlone to join others from our lodge on Saturday, October 5th at the Spring Café at Como Lakeside Pavilion. Take a look at page 11 for a member profile, which features Dolores Jacobson and her spectacular Hardanger embroidery. There are also some important announcements on the “Bulletin Board”.

You won’t be able to miss, though, all of the excitement about Synnøve-Nordkap Lodge’s annual fundraiser The Torsk & Meatball Dinner, Bake Sale, and Silent Auction! Page 5 will give you all of the information you need about dining options and reservations, while page 6 mentions many different opportunities to get involved. Peruse the entire newsletter, though, for ideas, opportunities, and other tidbits about this fabulous event!

September 2019 Brevet

In this issue, you will find information about the September 10th lodge meeting (Bunads, Bunads, Bunads), a cultural article about “The Legend of Peer Gynt”, a recap of summer lodge happenings from Lodge President Chuck Draheim, as well as other interesting and useful lodge information. One important notice you will see on the “Bulletin Board” (page 7) is that Pat Carlson is stepping down after many years as chairperson of the Norway Café at the Festival of Nations. We are looking for lodge members who would like to act as co-chairs for this essential lodge fundraiser. If you are interested or would just like more information about these positions, please contact Chuck Draheim . 

We are thrilled to begin another season of Synnøve – Nordkap events and activities with our members. See you soon!

Summer 2019 Brevet

In this edition, you will find photos from the Midsummer Picnic in June as well as some more photos from the Festival of Nations in May. Our lodge community is active and vibrant, as you can see by taking a peek at this latest newsletter. Also look for an article about “Viking Navigation” and a fun read about one of our lodge’s newest members. We hope you enjoy it!

June 2019 Brevet

On Tuesday, June 18th, our lodge will celebrate Midsummer with a picnic. There will be food, games, and entertainment. May was an incredibly busy month for Synnøve – Nordkap with the Festival of Nations and syttende mai celebrations. In the June edition of the Brevet newsletter, you will find details about the Midsummer picnic, discover the record number of krumkake made for the Festival of Nations, and so much more!

May 2019 Brevet

In this edition of the lodge newsletter, you will find important information about volunteering for our lodge at the Festival of Nations, about our lodge syttende mai celebration, and about other upcoming lodge events & classes.

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