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  • This tool is about more than acre value. Excellent tool to locate land parcels in USA and to find townships defined only by township number and Range number. Is a completely zoomable tool. With the “Hybrid” option, as you zoom in on a state, the tool will display communities,  townships by common name, township sections defined by numbers, roads, land formations and more.
  • Ancestors from Norway. By John Føllesdal, this site has many Norway and USA genealogy resources and links.
  • . Research and locate documents, build family trees and search for other family trees. This site requires a paid subscription, or, it can be accessed free at public libraries and other locations, LDS History Centers included. It is available free at the Ramsey County, MN libraries and likely more libraries nationwide. also offers DNA test options.
  • Bureau of Land Management. U. S. Department of the Interior General Land Office Records. Search for documents by township, county and state; by owner name; specific documents. Good search feature for homestead records.
  • Canada Archives Library, Genealogy and Family History.
  • Cemeteries in Norway. Find a grave in Norway.
  • Cyndi’s List. Excellent site, with links to genealogy, government, history, culture, language, maps, newspapers, etc. for each Nordic country.
  • DNA Anyone? A 4-page April 2021 document to guide you in using DNA Test results along with traditional genealogy search. Information to help choose a DNA package and much more to guide what you do.
  • Dictionary (on line) Norwegian/American translation + other links and information. Makes a very good pairing with Digitalarkivet, which is all in Norwegian after you drill down to the actual records
  • Digitalarkivet: Norway’s archives, free and on line searchable church, census, emigration and other records. By far, the best site to use when searching for Norwegian ancestor records in Norway.
  • Ellis Island. Recently opened link to records of nearly 23 million American immigrants entering through Ellis Island and the Port of New York 1892-1924.
  • Family Search, the LDS website.  An excellent free site to begin, continue and document your search for family records. LDS has the largest collection of world wide microfilmed records.  They steadily convert microfilm to digital searchable records and also partner with to bring more records on line. Based in Salt Lake City. By the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS). At the above WEB site is a “Family Tree” feature which is as LDS bills it, “The World’s Largest Shared Online Family Tree”:
    • This feature is on the HOME Page and just right of the FamilySearch logo.
    • Choose Family Tree and there are six (6) options: Overview, Tree, Person, Find, Following and My Contributions.
    • Here is the Link to Family Tree Basics, a step by step learning tool for “Family Tree”
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