2023 Scholarships

Synnøve-Nordkap currently offers three types of scholarships: Language Camp Scholarships, Postsecondary Scholarships, and Nordic Experience Scholarships. Each is described below. Links are provided to the appropriate application.

Please direct scholarship questions to Lodge Scholarship Director Jill Hanson at

Synnøve-Nordkap Language Camp Scholarships

Synnøve-Nordkap offers language scholarships to youth whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) are members.

There are two camp options:

Masse Moro in Wisconsin and

Skogfjorden, the Norwegian camp of Concordia Language Village

To apply for the available Synnøve-Nordkap language camp scholarships, please click on the following link. Complete the application and follow instructions on the form for submission by February 18, 2023.

2023 Synnøve-Nordkap Language Camp Application

Synnøve-Nordkap Postsecondary Scholarships

Synnøve-Nordkap Lodge offers scholarships for postsecondary education (4 year, 2 year or vocational training) to active Lodge or Junior Lodge members or to the children or grandchildren of active Lodge members.

Applicants may be either current postsecondary students or high school students intending to pursue post-secondary education in the 2023-2024 school year. Preference will be given to those who have been active Junior Lodge and/or Lodge members. Previous recipients of this scholarship may apply again.

The number of scholarships awarded each year and the amount of the award depends upon the number of highly qualified applications received as well as the state of the Lodge’s budget. Past grants have ranged from $250-$1500 with the possibility of renewal for those in good academic standing. The Lodge reserves the right to award no scholarships.

To apply for a postsecondary scholarship, please click on the following link. Complete the application and follow instructions on the form for submission by March 18, 2023.

2023 Synnøve-Nordkap Postsecondary Scholarship Application

Here are some schools attended by Synnøve-Nordkap scholarship recipients since 2004. We hope to continue adding to this list. Apply above, and perhaps you will see your school choice here in the future!

Scholarship Word Cloud 2020

Synnøve-Nordkap Nordic Experiences Fund

Have you always wanted to try a rosemaling class at Vesterheim? How about a cozy intergenerational family weekend at Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Concordia Language Village near Bemidji? Would you like to hear Hardanger fiddle under the pines at Nisswa Stamman? Need some extra resources to solve a genealogy puzzle that’s stumped you? 

Our hardworking lodge wants to help you get there. 

This is a new venture borne of the realization that we’ve been very generous with our children and grandchildren, funding camp and education scholarships, but it’s also time to help adult Lodge members deepen their understanding and appreciation of their Nordic heritage and have some fun! 

Applications will be considered based upon the strength of the proposal and previous involvement of the lodge member. We anticipate grants to be in the $200-$500 range, with an annual cap of $1,000. The Lodge reserves the right to make no awards. When possible, the Lodge will dispense funds directly to the organization affiliated with your project.

To apply for a scholarship from the Nordic Experience Fund, please click on the following link. Complete the application and follow instructions on the form for submission. Applications will be considered throughout the year as they are received.

2023 Synnøve-Nordkap Nordic Experiences Scholarship Application

Additional Sons of Norway Scholarship Resources

The Sons of Norway Foundation awards approximately 25 scholarships to promising students each year and promotes cultural exchange and support education to help students prepare the next generation of workers. Those opportunities can be found by clicking on the link below.

Sons of Norway Foundation Scholarships

Mikal Kartvedt Trust Fund Scholarship

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