Let’s Celebrate!

Sasha Festival of Nations 2018

May is a busy month for our lodge. We start the month with the Norway café at the Festival of Nations to raise funds that sustain our lodge and our programs, like secondary and adult educational scholarships. Our member volunteers cook, bake, and serve for hundreds of visitors to the Festival during its four day run each year. If you have time to volunteer for baking day (Monday, April 29) or during the Festival (Thursday, May 2 – Sunday, May 5), contact Pat Carlson at 651-373-0276 or   pakolstad@yahoo.com.Pat Festival of Nations 2018



At our lodge meeting this month, we will celebrate syttende mai (seventeenth of May) or Norwegian Constitution Day. There will be a children’s parade, hot dogs on lefse, ice cream, and a presentation on the history of this Norwegian holiday. If you are going to join us and you have a bunad, we’d love for you to wear it to our celebration.

As spring emerges, even in Minnesota, find a reason to celebrate, and, if you can, join us!

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