Lodge History


The original Nordkap Lodge was organized April 30, 1902, by 25 members with the help of the Supreme Lodge organizer, Lars Haug. John Bachke was the first President and C. L. Larsen, the first Secretary. One of the aims of the lodge was to help the sick and needy. The sick benefits only amounted to $2.00 per week but it was a help to those early immigrants who joined the lodge. Synnøve Lodge, Daughters of Norway No. 5, was organized on March 17, 1903. About 20 young women started the group to help befriend each other in this new land. In 1925, the Lodges joined in hosting Crown Prince Olav and Princess Martha at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. An information booth was staffed at the Union Depot, a reception room at the Ryan Hotel and a program and dance in the evening.open to the public. On Sunday, May 19, 1912, a bust of Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian Poet and Dramatist was unveiled in Como Park in St. Paul, by Nordkap Lodge. It still stands there in a prominent place in the Park. During World War II, both lodges raised funds to support Camp Little Norway in Canada. The women were busy knitting mittens, scarfs and caps for the soldiers. Many of Nordkap members served in the Armed Forces during the War, so membership dwindled during that time. On October 9, 1949, a Leif Erickson statue was erected on the State Capitol grounds. The lodges worked hard to raise funds for it and every year, on Leif Erickson Day, they have a nice parade (in bunads and with flags) around the statue. On January 15, 1969, the two lodges merged. The name became combined into SynnøveNordkap Lodge No. 1-008.


-By Bernice S. Ashley, date unknown


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