Synnove-Nordkap Lodge welcomes visitors and new members. Membership is open to everyone who is interested in Nordic heritage and culture. You need not be of Nordic heritage to join our lodge. We welcome and embrace all cultures. 

Send us an email by completing the form below if you have questions or are interested in joining our lodge. If you want to be sure to join our lodge, it is best to join directly through our lodge. If you join online, make sure to enter Synnøve-Nordkap Lodge #1-008 as your preferred lodge. Regardless of how you join, the dues are now $60 for an individual membership and $95 for a family membership, where “family” generously includes everyone living under the same roof. You can, of course, join as an at-large member with no lodge affiliation, but then you will only receive the Viking Magazine and member discounts but not our lodge newsletter or any of our lodge mailings announcing items & events of interest in our area.


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