Celebrate Syttende Mai!


Hipp hipp hurra

Hipp hipp hurra

Hipp hipp hurra

for Syttende mai!

Hip, hip, hooray for the 17th of May!

Gratulerer med dagen!

Congratulations with the day!

On May 17, 1814, Norway adopted their own Norwegian Constitution and formalized the separation from the union with Denmark. There is a painting of Parliament in Eidsvoll by Oscar Wergeland. Norway gained independence from Sweden in 1905.


Norway in Red, White and Blue

By Sheryl Hove May 2020

If you are interested in learning more about Norway’s Constitution Day, seeing Oscar Wergeland’s painting Sheryl mentions above, reading about Norway’s joys and struggles since 1814, and how you can celebrate Syttende Mai this year from home, please click on the link that follows for a wonderful article from Norway House.

Syttende Mai 2020 – National House Party

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